Course Examples

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We believe these courses offer essential skills that teachers and education staff desire and require for their professional development.
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Project Management Courses

Organizational & planning expertise for seamless execution of educational initiatives.

Instructional Design Courses

Enhance the development of effective teaching materials, optimizing the learning

Mental Health Courses

Empower educators to recognize and address students' well-being, creating a
supportive and compassionate learning space.

Inclusive Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion Courses

Foster a culture of respect, understanding, and belonging, contributing to positive
relationships among peers and students.

Artificial Intelligence Courses

AI training enables educators to navigate technology, promoting innovation and

Health & Safety Courses

Prioritize the well-being of both educators and students

Workshop Examples

Click the arrow below to scroll through examples of workshops hosted by One Academy. These workshops are always oversubscribed, but enrolling your teachers in this professional development program gives them priority access. They won't miss these practical workshops led by experts in the field.

Special Needs Students in the Classroom

This workshop guided teachers through identifying these students and supporting their needs.

Differentiated Instruction

This workshop focused on helping teachers meet the learning needs of all their students.

Classroom Management

Teachers learned tactics for effective classroom management.

Six Months of Learning

Don't underestimate the power of knowledge!

Empower Your Teachers

Schools can now include One Academy access in their School Improvement Plan.
In partnership with JTC, teachers can gain access to our One Academy platform, featuring a diverse course library for skill enhancement. Our aim is to empower teachers for greater effectiveness, both in and outside the classroom. As the Professional Development Day approaches, contact us to plan your day and introduce the platform to your teachers.

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