About Us

Welcome to the Beta testing phase of One Academy. We're preparing for our launch in 2023.

One Academy by One on One is a Jamaica-based e-Learning company that provides a personalized, online learning experience for CXC students in the Caribbean.

The experience includes access to Live Online Classes by world-class teachers, on-demand, self-paced video courses, academic coaching with experienced educators, and one-on-one Tutoring.

Master your subjects and prepare for your exams with us. Personal. Interactive. Fun.



The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for a better learning mechanism for students worldwide. Through rigorous testing and innovation, One Academy was developed to enhance the teaching and learning experience for the Caribbean's students.

Founded by the CEO of One on One (a publicly traded company), Ricardo Allen, One Academy is the leader in examination preparation success and offers premium-level service at an affordable price. We believe no student should be left behind, and currently assist students across the region, aiming to maintain a high standard of academic excellence.


Our platform will successfully revolutionize the educational landscape, and we believe this new educational era requires fun, interactive, and creative learning and that we can aid in bridging the learning gaps in students. Through our FREE Skills Gap Testing, students can identify their weak areas and join a personalized learning experience to help them improve.

Learning has never been this personal. With One Academy, you can achieve exam success!

Meet Our Experienced Team

Our Team

Shanille Bennett-Edwards, BEd., MSc.

Head of School & Operations

Roxanne Nelson

Asst. Head of School & Operations

Shannah Wickham, BSc.

Student Admissions & Academic Success Advisor

Kate Smith-Palmer, BEd., MEd.

Administrative Support

Book A Tutor

Our experienced tutors will help your child grasp difficult concepts.

Your child will get personalised tutoring based on his or her learning needs. Our one-on-one tutoring sessions provide your child with access to SBA assistance, homework help, and assistance with preparation for CSEC and CAPE exams.

Book A Class

Our classes have no more than 10 students.

Our experienced teachers help groups of students with various aspects of the CSEC and CAPE curricula. Your child will more easily grasp concepts because there aren't over 30 students vying for the teacher's support and attention.

Study Resources

Available for premium members.

Our premium membership gives your child unlimited access to past papers, video tutorials, and quizzes in:

- Mathematics
- English
- Biology
- Human and Social Biology
- Integrated Science
- Chemistry
- Physics
- Principles of Business (POB)
- Principles of Accounts (POA): Coming Soon
- Information Technology: Coming Soon
- Geography: Coming Soon