One Academy for Schools

Our Teacher Availability Solution (TAS) is our comprehensive approach to tackle the teacher shortage crisis in Jamaica, ensuring continuous, high-quality education for all students. We do this through seamlessly integrating into classrooms using our state-of-art technology, expert tutors and One Academy facilitators to deliver high-quality engaging lessons to all students, irrespective of their geographical location.



Available September 2023

Challenges Schools Face

Our assessment and research have shown four main challenges crippling our nation's education.

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Teacher Shortage

Teacher shortage caused by an increase in teachers emigrating

Lack of Participation

The lack of interest, participation and focus from students in the classroom

Unmet Student Needs

Teachers struggling to meet the unique and diverse learning needs of all students

Lack of Resources

Lack of resources hinders teachers from delivering lessons effectively

Upgrade your teachers' skills

with accessible online learning

Schools, Upskill Your Teachers

Pay per teacher per year and unlock affordable online learning for your teachers. They will get access to specially crafted courses and a variety of online workshops for their skill development. Content will be available live and on-demand so that your teachers can learn anytime, anywhere.

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