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Summer school is here!

Grade 7 Summer School Programme

Our 2-week online Summer School Programme is designed to give students entering grade 7 a head start in Math and English. It will help students prepare for the upcoming school year with engaging lessons and fun activities!

What students are saying...

It's fun and interactive!

“My tutor made the session entertaining and fun. I expanded my knowledge on topics I already understood, and I now understand, topics that confused me before”
Giovanni, Student

They actually explain so you can understand.

“When my tutor explained the formulas and concepts, I understood them clearly, and after the session, I was able to do some on my own.”
Stephan, Student

I can't wait to start back in September!

“My tutor is willing to recap everything when I don't understand. The best part is that I feel down I have an Academic Coach that helps me to do my work. I can't wait for our next session!”
Alicia, Student

Information is very clear

“My tutoring sessions are quite informative. I have gained extra knowledge on various topics, and things I never understood before are much clearer to me.”
Rollando, Student

These tutors are amazing!

“The session was really easy to follow, and I'm really happy about that since I found this topic to be difficult before. Amazing tutors!”
Carissa, Student


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  • Everything in the free membership
  • Discounted Tutors Sessions and Classes
  • Over 40,000 expert Q&As for all CSEC subjects
  • On-demand videos breaking down CSEC concepts
  • One on One Personalised Tutor Session
  • Award Winning Tutors
  • SBA Assistance
  • Homework Assistance
  • Preparation for CSEC
  • No more than 10 students to a class
  • Classes cover the most difficult areas of each syllabus
  • Classes are available in math, English, social studies, integrated science, I.T., POB, and more
  • Four classes in the same subject
    $10,000 for premium plan members. $12,000 for free plan members

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10+ Years of E-learning Success
With over 10 years of success stories, we know what works for students in E-Learning
15000+ Hours of Content
Since 2013, One Academy has created loads of content for the CSEC curriculum. We are now looking to expand on this for the future.
150K+ Learners in 5+ years
Learners love us and we have the numbers to prove it. Within 5+ years, One Academy has had over 150,000 learners with more joining us each year.
> 95% Passes in CXC & PEP
We're proud to have a solid track record in delivering excellent Math & English tutoring resulting in over 95% passes in CXC and PEP.

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