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8 Ways to Know It’s Time to Get an Online Tutor for Your Child

Tips For Parents

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Every parent wants the best for their child’s education, and sometimes, that means seeking additional support. With the rise of online education, getting an online tutor in Jamaica has become a viable and convenient option. Still, how do you know when it’s the right time to seek an online tutor for your child? In this article, we’ll explore eight signs that indicate it’s time to get an online tutor to help your child succeed academically.

Declining Grades

A sudden or even gradual drop in your child’s grades can be a clear indicator that they need extra help. When you notice a decline in their academic performance, especially in subjects they previously excelled in, an online tutor can step in to address any gaps in their understanding and improve their overall performance.

In one instance we had a parent who noticed her daughter’s grades declining significantly in Additional Mathematics. Before starting with us her grades were at a 20% average. With the help of one of our expert tutors her grades improved to a 70% average in only two months.

Consistently Struggles with Homework

If your child is consistently struggling with homework, finding it challenging to complete assignments, or frequently needing assistance, it might be time to consider an online tutor.

What we have found with a lot of students who come to us for help is often they find it difficult to grasp key concepts or topics in the classroom. This could be due to time constraints on the teachers’ part where they aren’t able to go in depth with certain topics as they would like. In some cases how the information is relayed to students may not be ideal for them to understand what is being taught in class.

A tutor provides the one-to-one support and guidance your child needs to better understand the material and complete assignments more independently. They have someone who can slow things down, and spend as much time as needed to help them better understand.

Preparing for Important Exams

For students in Jamaica preparing for critical exams, such as CSEC, CAPE or even end of term exams, an online tutor can be a valuable asset. Tutors can help with exam strategies, practice tests, and focused subject reviews to ensure your child is fully prepared and confident on exam day.

A parent came to us by way of a recommendation from a friend of hers. Both their daughters are in the same Chemistry class in high school. Her friend already had her daughter enrolled in our program and saw the improvement in her grades. So when the conversation came up about her daughter struggling in Chemistry the friend recommended us.

Her daughter went from a 48% average to a 2 in CSEC (an 80% average). She then recommended her sister’s child to us as they were also preparing for CSEC. That child went from a 30% average in Spanish to a 3 in fourth form (a 70% average), to a 2 in his last exams in fifth form (an 80% average).

Functions Better One-to-One

If your child functions better in a one-on-one learning environment than in a group setting, an online tutor can provide the individualized attention they need. Personalized learning can help them grasp concepts more effectively and boost their confidence.

A parent shared with us that coming out of Covid, and stepping into a face-to-face environment for the first time in high school, her son struggled in class and would often get lost among other students as he is very introverted. When she was introduced to One Academy into the second term of the school year, though our tutors didn’t have as much time to work with him, she still saw a significant improvement in his grades.

Lack of Interest in Learning

If your child is losing interest in their studies, it’s essential to address this issue promptly. Online tutors can make learning more engaging and enjoyable, helping to reignite your child’s passion for education. They can tailor their teaching methods to match your child’s learning style and interests.

In one instance we had another parent who her son came to us at the remedial level in Spanish. He hated Spanish and seemed to have lost interest in it. In her words, “This is someone that was waiting for third form to end to drop Spanish, to now choosing to do Spanish as a language in fourth form in preparation for CSEC“.

In some cases it may not be that your child isn’t interested in a topic. It may be that they require a higher level of engagement, interaction and attention at a one-to-one level to get them excited about the subject again.

Busy Parents

In today’s fast-paced world, many parents have demanding work schedules and other commitments. If you find it challenging to provide the necessary academic support to your child, an online tutor can fill in the gaps and offer a structured, consistent approach to learning.

This is also why many parents come to us for help wit their child, as many lead very busy lives with careers and families to care for. In many cases we have parents who work overseas in Canada, US or UK but their child attends school in Jamaica, so they are not physically there to provide the support that child needs. This is where our tutors are able to step in to provide that support where parents cannot. Having support to help be there for their child when they aren’t able to gives them the peace of mind knowing their child will do well in school.

Unique Learning Needs

Every child is unique, and some may require specialized assistance due to learning disabilities, ADHD, or other challenges. Online tutors with expertise in special education can tailor their teaching methods to meet your child’s specific needs, ensuring a positive learning experience.

According to a survey we did with over 100 teachers ‘Diverse Learning’ was the second biggest challenge they struggled with. Meaning teachers found it difficult to teacher multiple students with different learning styles. With our one-to-one approach to learning, our tutors are able to tailor their specific approach and style to your child’s unique learning needs.

Requires Subject Expertise

Often in the schooling system teachers teach multiple subjects and hardly specialize in a specific subject area. With tutoring your child has access to someone who specializes and is an expert in a specific subject area. Meaning they have the knowledge and expertise to go in-depth with a subject to help your child better grasp key concepts.

One student who enrolled with us mentioned before starting with One Academy she found it difficult to find tutors who specialized in Integrated Science. She struggled with understanding topics taught by her teacher at school and needed additional support. Our tutor was able to customize a plan based on areas she struggled with, which allowed her to not only better understand but improve her grades as well.

Whether your child is struggling in specific subjects, facing declining grades, or has unique learning needs, a tutor can provide the support and guidance necessary for their success. If you’ve explored various options, such as school support, extra classes, online content, study groups etc. and your child’s struggles persist, it’s time to consider One Academy’s one-to-one approach to learning. Our tutors provide a structured and consistent approach to learning that may be the key to help them ace exams and excel in school.

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